Siimets-Gross, Hesi


Articles in Juridica International

Articles in Juridica

  • Marju Luts-Sootak, Hesi Siimets-Gross. Dear Reader, Juridica Abstract, 2020, No. 4, pp. 229
  • From Russia via Germany to Italy: Teaching Roman Law and its Forefathers in Estonian University (1919–1940), Juridica Abstract, 2012, No. 3, pp. 193-203
  • Tradition of Research into Roman Law at the University of Tartu in the Mid-19th Century, Juridica Abstract, 2006, No. 10, pp. 720–729
  • Development and flourishing of Roman jurisprudence, Juridica Abstract, 2002, No. 9, pp. 626–634


  • Associate Professor, University of Tartu

Personal data

  • Born: May 17, 1976, Tartu
  • E-mail: hesi.siimets@ut.ee


  • Doctor iuris, Faculty of Law, University of Tartu, 2011
  • Doctoral Student, University of Tartu, 2003-2010
  • Magister iuris, University of Tartu, 2003
  • Master Student, University of Tartu, 1999–2002
  • B.A., University of Tartu, 1999


  • Associate Professor, University of Tartu, 2012-current
  • Lecturer of Legal History, University of Tartu, 2004–2012
  • Assistant of Legal History, University of Tartu, 2002–2004

Main areas of research

  • Roman Private Law (especially Classical Roman Private Law), History of Roman Law, Reception of Roman Law, Abolition of Serfdom, Human Rights in Estonian Republic in 1918–1940, Ethnography of Estonian Law

Grants and projects

  • Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) Target Financing SF0182740s06: Estonian Legal Space in Global Legal Space [ Eesti õigusruum globaalses õigusruumis], 2006
  • Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) Grant No. 7923: Legal Culture of the Baltic Sea Area in Juridical Periodicals: Historical and Comparative Perspective [Läänemere regiooni õiguskultuurid juriidilistes ajakirjades: ajalooline ja võrdlev perspektiiv]
  • Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) Grant No. 6647: The Modernisation of Real Estate Law in Estonia in 19th-21st Century [Kinnisvaraõiguse moderniseerimine Eestis 19.–21. saj.]
  • Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) Grant No. 3356: Further Development of the Reform of Estonian Legal Order in Public Law: Theoretical Foundations and Legislation to Ensure the Harmonisation of Estonian Legal Order in Public Law with the Legislation of European Union. With 10 team members, 1998–2000
  • EuroFaculty Fellows and Masters Programme, University of Tartu, 1998–2001
  • PHARE programme

Participation in scientific conferences and seminars

  • 67th Session of the International Society ‘Fernand de Visscher’ for the History of Law in Antiquity (SIHDA), Roman Law as Basis of Modern Law, Salzburg (with presentation), Austria, September 10-15, 2013
  • 64th Session of the International Society ‘Fernand de Visscher’ for the History of Law in Antiquity (SIHDA), Communication et Publicité dans l’Antiquité : profiles juridiques, sociaux, économiques (with presentation), Barcelona, Spain, September 28-October 2, 2010
  • Internationales Treffen: Junge Romanisten (with presentation), Bonn, Germany,  March 5-6, 2010
  • Sommerkurs des MPI für europäische Rechtsgeschichte (with presentation), Frankfurt, Germany, July 12-17, 2009
  • Conference of the Nordic project – Legal History on the Edge of Europe: Nordic Law in the European Legal Community 1000–2000 a.d. (REUNA), with presentation, Rome (Italy), November 30–December 3, 2008
  • Conference: Profesoram Arvedam Švābem 120 (with presentation), Riga, Latvia, October 2nd, 2008
  • 62nd session of the Société Internationale ‘Fernand de Visscher’ pour l’Histoire des droits de l’Antiquité (SIHDA), Le contrat dans tous ses états, Contract in its Various StatesFribourg, Schwitzerland, September 23–27, 2008
  • Conference of the Nordic project – Legal History on the Edge of Europe: Nordic Law in the European Legal Community 1000–2000 a.d. (REUNA), Bergen, Norway, May 12–14, 2008
  • Forum of European Young Legal Historians conference: Crossing Legal Cultures, Sevilla, Spain, September 5–8, 2007
  • Confernce – Roman Law and Modernity: Contract, Tort and Responsibility in Roman and Modern Law, Tartu, Estonia, August 25–30, 2006
  • Nordic Law: In Comparative Perspective, Vaasa, Finland, March 3–4, 2006
  • Conference of the Nordic project – Legal History on the Edge of Europe: Nordic Law in the European Legal Community 1000–2000 a.d. (REUNA)”, Tartu, Estonia, October 27–29, 2005
  • Conference of the Nordic project – Legal History on the Edge of Europe: Nordic Law in the European Legal Community 1000–2000 a.d. (REUNA), Oslo, Norway, April 28–30, 2004
  • Helsinki-Tartu School of Young Researchers, August 25–28, 2002
  • The Second Conference in Legal History in the Baltic Sea Area, Lund, March 12–17, 2002
  • 14th Interdisciplinary Symposium of Folk Tradition, Italy, October 22–25, 2000

Studies abroad

  • Max-Planck-Institut europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Sommerkurs, July 12-17, 2009
  • University of München, June 2008
  • University of Pavia, Center of Ancient Law Studies (CEDANT) – January 2008; September 8–11, 2008
  • Max-Planck Institut für Europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Seminar – Grundlagen des Rechts for doctoral students, September 28–October 8, 2005
  • University of Göttingen, June 2004
  • University of Berlin, January 2003
  • University of Helsinki, Finland, April–May 2002
  • University of Göttingen, Germany, June–July 2001
  • University of Göttingen, Germany, on Thomas-Berberich-Stiftung and Silvere-Panti commemorative scholarship, October–December 2000
  • University of Göttingen, Germany, June–July 2000
  • Becker & Becker Law Office, Hamburg, Germany, 1998
  • University of Göttingen, Germany, Strohmeyer-Stiftung Fellow, 1998
  • Copernicus Fellow, University of Hamburg, Germany, 1997–1998
  • Jacobs’ Law Office, Krefeld, Germany, 1996

Hobbies and community work

  • Member of Non-profit association Deutschlandstudenten
  • Member of the Assosaction of Young Legal Historians


  • The 2nd Prize of the competition of the research papers: 15 years of Estonian Constitution, 2007
  • The 2nd Prize of the Estonian Scientific Academy for the master thesis: The Concept and the Classification of the Things in Classical Roman Law on the Example of Institutes of Gaius, 2002
  • EuroFaculty Fellows and Masters Programme, University of Tartu, 1998–2001
  • Thomas-Berberich-Stiftung Scholarship, October–November 2000
  • Silvere-Panti Commemorative Scholarship, September 2000
  • Eesti mõttelugu Endowment, Scholarship, 2000

Teaching practice

  • Linguistic Peculiarities of Texts of Law for the master students of Philological department, 2007/2008–current
  • Roman Private Law (obligatory, with seminars), 2002/2003–current
  • Introduction into Legal Analysis and Argumentation (obligatory, with seminars), 2002/2003–current
  • Legal Ethnology, (facultative; Seminars), 2001/2002–current


  • Siimets-Gross, Hesi. Das „Liv-, Est- und Curlaendische Privatrecht“ (1864/65) und das römische Recht im Baltikum. – Dissertationes iuridicae Universitatis Tartuensis 33, Tartu: Tartu University Press 2011. pp.276.
  • Siimets-Gross, Hesi. Die Ausdrücke status libertatis, civitatis und familiae. Savignys berechtigte Kritik an den neueren Juristen? Corbino, Al.; Humbert, M.; Negri, G. (Eds.). Homo, caput, persona. La costruzione giuridica dell'identità nell'esperienza romana. Dall'epoca di Plauto a Ulpiano. Pavia: IUSSP 2010, pp. 217-245.
  • Siimets-Gross, Hesi. Roman Law Origin of the Private Law Act of the German Baltic Provinces of the Russian Empire: Fact or Fiction? – Crossing Legal Cultures. = Jahrbuch Junge Rechtsgeschichte — Yearbook of Young Legal History 2007 (hrsg. Beck Valera, Laura; Gutiérrez Vega, Pablo; Spinosa, Alberto) München: Martin Meidenbauer Verlag 2009. S. 313–330.
  • Latin-Estonian Legal Dictionary. Compiled by K. Adomeit, M. Ristikivi, H. Siimets-Gross. Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, Tallinn, 2005. (Ius-vulnus letale).
  • H. Siimets-Gross. Die Lehre des römischen Rechts an der Universität Tartu in den Jahren 1919 – 1940. (publ. in Juristische Fakultäten und Juristenausbildung im Ostseeraum, Stockholm 2004 (Compiled by Jörn Eckert, Kjell Å. Modéer), pp. 342–365.
  • H. Siimets-Gross. Change of the Roman Law From Subsidiary Law to the Baltic Provincial Law – Acta Historica Tallinensia, 2003, No. 7, pp. 41–50 (in Estonian).
  • H. Siimets-Gross, M. Luts. Is Wedding Cake Valid Today? About the Legal Function of Wedding Rites. Folklore, No. 22, 2002, pp. 115–123 (in Estonian).
  • H. Siimets-Gross. Leo Leesment and the Roman Law. Annales Litterarum Societatis Esthonicae [Õpetatud Eesti Seltsi aastaraamat]. 2002, pp. 114–125 (in Estonian).


  • Estonian (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • German (Fluent)
  • Latin (Good)
  • French (Fair)
  • Italian (Fair)
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