Volens, Urmas


Articles in Juridica International

Articles in Juridica

  • Holiday Turning into a Dangerous Adventure. Risk of a Traveller or a Travel Agency?Juridica Abstract, 2017, No. 3, pp. 168-177
  • “There is a Method to the Madness”, or Searching for the System of Immovable Property Ownership Restriction, Juridica Abstract, 2013, No. 7, pp. 478-493
  • Warranty of Construction Works in Private Law System, Juridica Abstract, 2013, No. 3, pp. 168-182
  • Does a Shareholder Have the Right to Withdraw from a Private Limited Company and Request for a Compensation for Their Part? Juridica Abstract, 2012, No. 10, pp. 752-767
  • Entrepreneurial Law. Action Plan for Improving the International Competitiveness of the Corporate Legal Environment, Juridica Abstract, 2006, No. 4, pp. 227-233


  • Associate Professor, University of Tartu
    Partner, Law Office NOVE

Personal data

  • Born: December 24, 1976, Tallinn
  • E-mail: urmas.volens@ut.ee


  • Doctor iuris, Faculty of Law, University of Tartu, 2011
  • Magister legum (LLM), University of Cologne, Germany, 2003
  • B.A., Institute of Law, Tallinn, 1999


  • Associate Professor, University of Tartu, 2015-current
  • Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Tartu, 2010-2015
  • Partner, Law Office NOVE, 2016-current
  • Specialist Counsel, Law Office SORAINEN, 2010-2015
  • Deputy Secretary General, Head of Legal Policy Department, 2006-2009
  • Head, Private Law Division, Ministry of Justice, 2003-2006
  • Counsellor, Court Department, Ministry of Justice, 2000-2002
  • Counsellor, Private Law Division, Ministry of Justice, 1998–2000

Main areas of research

  • General Principles of Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Property Law, Labour Law

Grants and projects, studies abroad

  • Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) Target Financing SF0182740s06. Estonian Legal Space in Global Legal Space [Eesti õigusruum globaalses õigusruumis], 2006.
  • Estonian Science Foundation (ETF) Grant No. 6647: The Modernisation of Real Estate Law in Estonia in 19th-21st Century [Kinnisvaraõiguse moderniseerimine Eestis 19.–21. saj.]
  • 1-year scholarship of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for LL.M.-studies in Cologne (October 2002-August 2003);
  • 2-months research scholarship for doctoral studies in the University of Konstanz within the cooperation program of University of Konstanz and University of Tartu (October-November 2007).

Professional activity and membership

  • Member of the Board of the Court of Arbitration of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2007-current
  • Member of several Working Groups for Drafting of Legislation (Property Law Act, Land Registry Act, Law of Succession Act, Law of Obligations Act, Several Amendments of Commercial Code, Civil Procedure Code,  Private Data Protection Act, Employment Contract Act, Reorganisation Act, Public Service Act, Mediation Act, Family Law Act, Environmental Code, Building Code etc)
  • Member of Estonian Delegation for Accession Negotiations between European Union and Estonia, 1999–2004 in the field of Civil Law and Company Law, afterwards member of Estonian delegation at the Committee on Civil Law Matters (General Questions) Council of the European Union;
  • Member of the Estonian delegation to the Hague Conference on Private International Law
  • Member of Estonian Delegation and the Representative of the Republic of Estonia in the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) by the Council of Europe.

Teaching practice

  • Transportation Law, 2011-current
  • Company Law, 2010–current
  • The Law of Obligations, General Part, Contracts, 2004-2006

Hobbies and community work

  • Long-distance running, photography, theatre
  • Member of the Estonian Academic Law Society (EAÕS), 2003–current
  • Member of the Council of Estonian Lawyers Union, 2008–2011
  • Member of Estonian Lawyers Union, 2005-current


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  • U. Volens et al. Urmas (2010). Comments to the Loan and credit agreement [Laenu- ja krediidilepingu kommentaar], 2010.
  • U. Volens. Comments to the provisions concerning the package travel contract (sections 866−882 of the LOA). Law of Obligations Act: Commented Edition. III. Parts 8 and 10. Paul Varul, Irene Kull, Villu Kõve, Martin Käerdi (Eds.). [Pakettreisilepingu sätete (VÕS-i §-id 866-882) kommentaar]. Võlaõigusseadus: kommenteeritud väljaanne. III. 8. ja 10. osa (§-d 619-916 ja 1005-1067) (441 - 489). Tallinn: Juura, Õigusteabe AS, 2009.
  • U. Volens. Sales Contract [Müügileping]. Tallinn: Äripäeva Kirjastus, 2006.
  • U. Volens. The Commercial Code Takes Account of Changing Business Environment [Äriseadustik arvestab muutustega ärikeskkonnas]. Ärielu 02/05.
  • U. Volens. Transactions: Nullity and Annulment [Tehingud: tühisus ja tühistamine]. Eesti Majanduse Teataja, No. 10 (173)/2005, pp. 39-44.
  • U. Volens. European Economic Interest Grouping - New Form of Co-operation for Entrepreneurs Operating on a Global Scale [Euroopa majandushuviühing – uus koostöövorm rahvusvaheliselt tegutsevatele ettevõtjatele]. Eesti Majanduse Teataja, No. 12 (163)/2004.
  • U. Volens. On the Amendment of the Commercial Code [Äriseadustiku muutmisest]. Eesti Majanduse Teataja, No. 11 (162)/2004.
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