Maruste, Rait


Articles in Juridica International

Articles in Juridica

  • Trends in the Development of Judicial Control of Human Rights in European Law, Juridica Abstract, 2010, No. 5, pp. 371-378
  • Post-Sentence Detention Revisited, through the Eyes of the Strasbourg Court, Juridica Abstract, 2010, No. 2, pp. 126-129
  • Internet Flaming and Liability, Juridica Abstract, 2009, No. 3, pp. 197-198
  • The Right to Equal Treatment in a State Based on the Rule of Law. Principles Underlying this Right and Implementation in Practice by the European Court of Human Rights, Juridica Abstract, 2008, No. 2, pp. 67-71
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  • Treatment of Abuse in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights, Juridica Abstract, 2003, No. 2, pp. 120-126
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Estonia in the legal system of the European Union, Juridica Abstract, 2003, No. 1, pp. 3-7
  • Freedom of Expression and Its Limits. The European Convention on Human Rights, the Practice of Its Supervisory Bodies and the Estonian law, Juridica Abstract, 2001, No. 1, pp. 14-22
  • Constitution and the System of Judicial Authorities, Juridica Abstract, 1998, No. 7, pp. 326-327
  • How to Organise the Administration of Courts?, Juridica Abstract, 1997, No. 10, pp. 501-505
  • Presentation at the Conference Devoted to the Fifth Anniversary of the Constitution, Juridica Abstract, 1997, No. 9, pp. 438-440
  • Methods for Interpretation of the Constitution, Juridica Abstract, 1996, No. 2, pp. 75-81
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  • On the Leading Case, Juridica Abstract, 1994, No. 5, pp. 116-117
  • Court Reform: at the Beginning of the End or at the End of the Beginning?, Juridica Abstract, 1994, No. 5, pp. 103-105
  • Theoretical Bases of the Seclusion of Authorities and Some Practical Problems in Estonia, Juridica Abstract, 1994, No. 3, pp. 64-66
  • `Labour pains´ of the Court Reform, Juridica Abstract, 1993, No. 1, pp. 3-4

Personal data

  • Born: 27 September 1953, Pärnu


  • PhD, University of Leningrad, 1984
  • Faculty of Law, University of Tartu, 1977


  • Chairman, Constitutional Commitee of the Riigikogu, 2011-2015
  • Judge, European Court of Human Rights, 1998–2010
  • Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the Republic of Estonia, December 1992–August 1998
  • Ex officio: Chairman, Constitutional Review Chamber, Supreme Court, November 1998–current
  • Docent, Faculty of Law, University of Tartu, 1985–1992

Main areas of research

  • Forensic Psychology, Criminalistics, Criminal Procedure;
    Constitutional Law, International Law, Human Rights

Professional activity and membership

  • Editor-in-Chief of Acta Societatis Martensis, 2008-current
  • Member of Permanent Court of Arbitration (Hague), 2004-current
  • Member of International Justice in the World Price Jury (Madrid), 2001–current
  • Chairman of the Board of Estonian Law Centre Foundation (ELC), 1995–1998
  • Founder and Member of Council, Institute of Law, 1994-1998
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Law Journal Juridica, 1993–1998
  • Chairman and Founding Member of the Estonian Academic Law Society (EAÕS), 1990-current

Studies abroad

  • Center For Advanced Studies, Oslo, Norway, 2001
  • Max-Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany, 1995
  • Cambridge University, Institute of Criminology, United Kingdom, 1992
  • Max-Planck-Institute, Freiburg, Germany, 1991
  • Åbo Akademi University, Finland, 1991
  • HEUNI, Finland, 1991
  • Participation in different training courses and conferences (Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland; Kings College, London, United Kingdom; Oxford University; Paris).


  • 2nd class Order of the White Star


  • The Impact of the Accession of Eastern Block Countries on the Convention Machinery and its Case-Law. Human Rights – Strasbourg Views. Liber Amicorum Luzius Wildhaber. Engel Publisher, 2007.
  • Constitution of the Republic of Estonia. Commented Publication. Tallinn: Juura, 2002. Commentaries to several paragraphs of Chapter II – Bill of Rights (in Estonian).
  • Constitution and Its Review [Põhiseadus ja selle järelevalve. Võrdlevad selgitused. Kommentaarid. Tekstid]. Tallinn: Juura, Õigusteabe AS, 1997. 285 p. (in Estonian).
  • Judicial Review, Public Liability and Compensation. Proceedings of 25th Colloquy on European Law, Oxford, 1995.
  • Status of ECHR in Estonian Law. Reports of Seminar: Legal Consequences of ECHR, Tallinn, May 30–31, 1996 (in Estonian).
  • Human Rights and Principles of Fair Trial, 1993. 168 p. (in Estonian).

    Total number of different publications is over 150.

Keeled / Languages

  • Estonian (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Russian (Fluent)
  • French (Good)
  • German (Fair)