Castronovo, Carlo


Articles in Juridica International

Professor Carlo Castronovo was born in Bagheria, Palermo, on January 1st, 1946.

He went to the high school in Palermo. In 1963 applied to the Law Faculty of the Catholic University del S. Cuore in Milan graduating summa cum laude as doctor iuris.

In the years 1968-1970 he was awarded a fellowship for researches in Private law.

In 1971 he became Assistant of Private Law in the Faculty of law of the Catholic University in Milan.

Associate professor for Private law at the University of Trento in 1974-1976 and then, in 1976-77, at the Faculty of Law in Parma.

In 1977-78 he went to the Yale Law School, becoming Master of laws having worked especially on torts with Guido Calabresi.

Since 1980 he is full Professor of Private Law, first at the Law School of Turin University,  and since 1982 in Milan, at the Law School of the Catholic University del S. Cuore.

At present he is Director of the Research department of the same Faculty of Law.

Since 1992 he was member of the Commission on European Contract Law, which under the direction of Ole Lando has prepared a new text of the Law of contracts and obligations for the European Union. Parts I and II of these ‘Principles of European Contract Law’ have been already published. Professor Castronovo has edited the Italian version of them. In the middle of 2005 also the final Part III of these Principles, already published in English in 2003, has been published in a Italian edition, also cured by Professor Castronovo.

Commitment of Professor Castronovo in the formation of a new European private law has found further accomplishment since 1998 through the new legal periodical ‘Europa e dirittoprivato’ of which he is founder and a coeditor.

Torts and contracts are the principal fields of reasearch of Professor Castronovo.

Main works:

Problema e sistema nel danno da prodotti (Products Liability), Milano 1979

La nuova responsabiliti civile (new tort law), whose 3rd edition is forthcoming for the end of 2005.

Danno biologico (personal injuries), Milan 1998

Among the papers, in english:

Liability between Contract and Tort, in Perspectives of Critical Contract Law (Th.Wilhelmsson, ed.), 1993

Contract and the Idea of Codification, in Papers dedicated to Ole Lando, 1997

Good Faith and the Principles of European Contract Law, report delivered at the Haifa University, on 30 May 2004 and forthcoming in the Festschrift für Jerzy Rajiski.

Among the contributions about the European codification:

I Principi di diritto europeo dei contratti e l’idea di codice, in Riv. dir. comm. 1995, pp. 21-38.

Il diritto europeo delle obbligazioni e dei contratti. Codice o restatement?, in Europa dir. priv. 1998, pp. 1019-1033.

Dagli ordinamenti nazionali al diritto uniforme europeo: la prospettiva italiana, in Europa dir. priv. 1999, pp. 445-478.

Book Review of Christian v. Bar, Gemein europäisches Deliktsrecht, in Europa dir. priv. 1999, pp. 643-664.

Preface to the Italian edition of the Principles of European Contract Law, Principi di diritto europeo dei contratti, Giuffri, Milano 2201, Un contratto per l’Europa, pp. LII

Savigny i moderni e la codificazione europea, in Europa dir. priv. 2001, pp. 219-255.

Book Review of Reinhard Zimmermann, Roman Law, Contemporary Law, European Law. The Civilian Tradition today, in Europa dir. priv. 2001, pp. 737-755.

Autonomia privata e Costituzione europea, in Europa e diritto privato 2005, p. 29-50.

Responsabiliti civile europea, report at the Messina Conference of september 14-16, 2005 on the Europeanization of Private Law, forthcoming in the proceedings of the Conference.