Storme, Matthias E.


Articles in Juridica International

Professor at the Universitatit Antwerpen, extra-ordinary professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, advocate in Brussels.

Born 1959; studied law and philosophy in Antwerpen (B), Leuven (B) and Yale (USA) and researched in Bologna (I) and at the Max-Planck-Institute in Hamburg (D).

Doctoral promotion Leuven 1989 (thesis supervised by Walter van Gerven, on Good faith ans creditors' rights).

Professor of law at Universiteit Antwerpen since 1989 and Leuven 1992, in the field of civil law (property & obligations), comparative law and european community law.

Was senior lecturer at the University of Amsterdam 1990-1993.

Guest lectures in several countries (Netherlands, France, Hungary, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Israël, Portugal).

Member of the Lando Commission since 1992, of the Sudy Gorup since 1999.

Executive editor of the "European review of private law / Europäische Zeitschrift für Privatrecht / Revue européenne de droit privé", since the beginning (1992).

Editor Tijdschrift voor privaatrecht (B-NL).

member of the Research group "The common core of E.C. Private law", Universita degli studi di Trento.

Advocate at the Brussels Bar since 1987.

1995-1996 President of the Dutch Young Bar of Brussels.

Member of the Council of the Brussels Bar 1996-1998; member of the General Council of the Flemish Bars (1998-2000) , since 1993 member of the Council of the Flemish Lawyers' Association (VJV), since 1998 member of the Board.

Arbitrator ICC and CEPINA (belgian arbitration center).

Member of numerous scientific associations.

Former President of the "Verbond der Vlaamse Academici" (1996-2004).