Juridica International. Law Review. University of Tartu (1632)

Juridica International has been published since 1996.

The topics of the journals are planned by the editorial board. A variety of more significant topics have included the Constitution and European integration, the civil law reform in new member states, fundamental personal rights and freedoms, Civil Code, Penal Code, and other key issues of the legal reform.

Juridica International has established contacts with internationally acclaimed journals and scientific databases. For instance, EBSCO

  http://www.ebscohost.coma recognized leader in the academic database industry, introduces Juridica International as a peer-reviewed academic journal with coverage of legal topics of Estonian and international importance.

What is more, Rechtstheorie printed an Estonian edition Gesetzgebung und Rechtspolitik, which  featured articles published in the framework of the international symposium ‘Legislation and Legal Policy’.

The tenth-jubilee issue of Juridica International was accompanied by the international conference ‘European Legal Harmony: Goals and Milestones’.

In 2012, Estonia celebrated the 20th anniversary of the national constitution passed on June 28, 1992. The presenting of the special edition titled ‘20 years of the Estonian Constitution’ was one of the highlights of the anniversary celebrations.

Since January 2002, our readers have had the opportunity to access the online version. According to the user statistics, the views originated from 150 countries with most of them coming from: USA, Great Britain, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Australia, Belgium and France.

In summary, over the years, Juridica International has become a highly valued channel for Estonian lawyers, enabling them to take their research to the international arena. And, furthermore, we could not be happier that our foreign colleagues are using this opportunity to publish their articles in the journal and are doing so with an increasing frequency.